Sehat Card Online Registration New Update July 2023

The Sehat Card initiative is aimed at providing free medical treatment to impoverished individuals. Through this card, individuals can avail of medical treatment worth Rs 10 Lakh without any cost. The card is intended for those who are financially disadvantaged and cannot afford treatment at reputable medical facilities. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced the Sehat Insaf Card with the goal of ensuring accessible healthcare and free medical treatment for all citizens.

The Sehat Card program was established to offer complimentary medical care for financially vulnerable individuals. By utilizing this card, one can access medical treatments valued at up to 1 million Pakistani Rupees at no expense. This initiative primarily targets the economically disadvantaged demographic who are unable to access quality healthcare services from well-established hospitals. The Sahat Insaf Card was inaugurated by ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan to extend health coverage and cost-free medical treatment to the entire population.

Sehat Card Online Registration – Latest Update

Recently, there has been a revival of the Sehat Card program. This health card is now available again, allowing every resident of Punjab to enroll for its benefits. Any individual living within the region of Punjab can enjoy the privilege of receiving cost-free medical treatment via this health card.

The objective of the Sehat Insaf Card

An analysis revealed a disparity in healthcare access in Pakistan, where affluent individuals can afford medical treatment while the underprivileged, dealing with critical illnesses, lack proper healthcare options. With a recognition that lives are at stake, the Sahat Card initiative was launched to ensure universal access to cost-free medical treatment.

Sehat Card Online Registration – Latest Update

The registration process for obtaining the Sehat Card is user-friendly. You can acquire the card by following these steps:

  1. Text your national ID card number to 8500.
  2. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can avail medical treatment at any hospital within Punjab.

Hospitals Covered by the Sehat Sahulat Program

All hospitals in Punjab are integrated into this program. This card can be used at hospitals within your residing area or at the facility where you seek treatment. Below, you will find a list of hospitals participating in this program.

Eligibility for the Sehat Card

To qualify for this program, you must be a resident of Punjab. The initiative encompasses all residents of Punjab, and their national ID card number serves as their health card.

Advantages of the Health Card

Numerous benefits stem from this program. If you require surgical intervention due to illness, you can undergo surgery without any cost through this card. Moreover, if a family member falls ill, comprehensive treatment can be obtained via this card.

Sehat Card Helpline

Through this initiative, you can access complete medical treatment free of charge. Should any medical professional or hospital request payment, you have the option to contact the helpline and file a complaint. Below, you will find the helpline number for the Sahat Insaf Card.

[Provide the helpline number]

(Note: The actual helpline number and the list of hospitals should be added in the respective sections.)