Amazon Offering Job Opportunities in UAE With 12000 Dirhams Salary

Amazon Job Opportunities in the UAE: Earn Up To 12,000 Dirhams

Amazon is presenting a range of job openings in Dubai, catering to roles in customer service, logic software development, and more. Renowned globally as a leading e-commerce entity, Amazon has also expressed its intention to offer jobs in Pakistan, although this plan has yet to be realized.

About Amazon

Formerly recognized as, Amazon UAE has established itself as a prominent participant in the worldwide e-commerce arena. With a presence spanning the United States, Amazon LNC finalized the acquisition of on March 28, 2013, for a sum of $580 million.

As a consequence of this significant milestone, the platform was rebranded as on May 1, 2019. Operating within the UAE, Amazon aims to solidify its position as a dynamic provider of an extensive array of products and services.

Exploring Job Prospects at Amazon

This proposition extends as part of an initiative to enhance the prompt and reliable delivery service, ultimately enriching the customer experience. The platform boasts an extensive inventory of products that cater to diverse consumer preferences, all available at competitive and appealing price points. Amazon stands as a formidable industry giant, operating across the nation and extending its presence to international locations such as Pakistan and Dubai. Its dominance in the e-commerce sphere remains unparalleled, cementing its reputation as a global powerhouse.

Applying for Amazon Careers in Dubai

The application process for Amazon positions in Dubai involves a straightforward series of steps:

  1. Access the Amazon webpage as instructed.
  2. Peruse the list of available job opportunities.
  3. Explore various job openings, filtering them based on categories and keywords relevant to your skills and interests.
  4. Click on a job title of interest to access its description, responsibilities, qualifications, and other pertinent details.
  5. Either create a new account or sign in if you already have one.
  6. Fill in your application details, including personal information, work history, and education.
  7. Tailor your application to align with the specific job requirements.
  8. Submit your resume, photograph, cover letter, and any additional information as requested.

Available Job Listings at Amazon

  1. Media Sales Manager, Amazon Ads
  2. Key Account Manager, AE Marketplace
  3. Program Manager, Global Trade
  4. HRBP UAE National Only, Last Mile PXT
  5. Senior Insight Analytics Manager
  6. Grad Opportunity, UAE National

Benefits of Employment with Amazon Dubai

  1. Competitive salary packages and bonus incentives
  2. Comprehensive health insurance coverage
  3. Retirement savings schemes
  4. Paid leave entitlements, including holidays
  5. Employee discounts on Amazon merchandise
  6. Access to training and opportunities for career advancement
  7. Support through employee assistance programs
  8. Flexible work arrangements

Explore Job Openings for Amazon Careers in Dubai

Job Vacancies for Amazon Careers in Dubai

Job TitleLocationAction
Media Sales Manager, Amazon AdsDubaiApply Now
Key Account Manager, AE MarketplaceDubaiApply Now
Program Manager, Global TradeDubaiApply Now
HRBP UAE National Only, Last Mile PXTDubaiApply Now
Senior Insight, Analytics ManagerDubaiApply Now
Senior Insight, Analytics ManagerDubaiApply Now